In 1993 the Gilliland family began ranching cattle in the fertile oak savannahs of the Sacramento Valley outside of Dixon. Both Ron and Terri were raised on farms in Ireland and Colorado respectively. In 2004 we began a new herd with the goal of supplying the restaurant we owned in Sacramento with fine quality beef of impeccable origin. In 2006 we began harvesting cattle born, raised and pastured under our McNab herding dog Lucky.


Working with the feedback of our chefs and customers we fine tuned the flavor profile and finish of our product. Our herd runs on an open pasture from birth to harvest always maintaining the natural group dynamic. We handle our cattle in the most humane way possible. They are never given antibiotic or hormone laden feed. 


Lucky Dog Ranch headquarters is in Dixon, south of I-80.  We have three pastures in the Dixon area and also use some winter pastures in Sacramento and Placer Counties. We have a couple of thousand acres.  The Lucky Dog herd is around 400+ head and growing.


So what is the Lucky Dog Difference?

•       Healthy cattle = healthy beef

•       All of our beef is born, grown, harvested, aged, cut and sold under our supervision.

•       We are local, not trucked in from the Midwest.

•       We are a small family ranch not a factory farm.

•       All vegetarian feed, no corn, no soy, no GMO’s.

•       Our cattle are never in feed lots.

•       Feedlot stocking rates are 100+ cows / acre we are average about 1 cow / acre.

•       All our feed is foraged pasture, local hay or sustainable agriculture products.

•       Our beef is dry aged in split sides for 21 days.  This gives our beef intense beef flavor and tenderness.

•       We never use antibiotic, growth hormones or steroids

•       Pastured cows are healthier, happier and less stressed than feedlot cows.