Grilled Walnut Levain

honey ricotta, blueberry lemon jam, basil   6


Pineapple Coffee Cake

hazelnut crumble, strawberry jam   6


Amaretto French Toast Bread Pudding

fresh strawberries, strawberry syrup,

 toasted almond butter   11


Dungeness Crab Frittata

 goat cheese, asparagus, avocado,

with a mixed lettuce salad   15


Smoked Trout Hash

fingerling potatoes, spring vegetables,

 2 eggs any style, dill, crème fraîche   15


Breakfast Fried Rice

brown rice, pork belly, scallion, corn, chili oil, topped with 2 sunny side up eggs   12


Lucky Dog Ranch Beef  Steak and Eggs

 6 oz flat iron steak, smoked mushroom salsa, cheesy potato croquette, 2 eggs any style   17


Sausage Biscuit

fried egg, pimento cheese, watercress   9


Breakfast Pizza

rosemary potatoes, crispy pancetta, Northern Gold cheese, arugula, with 2 sunny side up eggs  12



Apple wood Smoked Bacon   4

Crispy potatoes with sweet peppers & onions  3.5

House made sausage patties (2)     5

Cup of Fresh Fruit    4.5  




Smaller Plates, Salads & a Soup

Baked Ricotta Salata & Parmesan Flatbread

smoky chickpea hummus, olive tapenade,

red pepper romesco   10


Patatas Bravas

crispy potatoes, smoky tomato sauce, black garlic aïoli   7


Marinated California Olives

fennel seed, arbol chili, citrus  4.5


Fried Snap Peas & Halloumi

scallion, chili vinaigrette, lime   10


Sausage, Cabbage & Chickpea Minestrone

 piquillo pepper romesco  8


Lucca House Chop Salad

romaine, radicchio, feta, lemon oregano vinaigrette   7.5


Farro & Spring Vegetable Salad

carrot, radish, snap peas, pickled fennel, baby kale, Sonoma goat cheese, tarragon vinaigrette  9


Wild Arugula Salad

radicchio, celery hearts, radish, shaved Parmesan, potato crisps, black truffle vinaigrette 9


Patchwork Salad

romaine, radicchio, asparagus, strawberries,

currants, sweet peppers,

Northern Gold cheese, toasted almonds,

gold balsamic vinaigrette   10


Add to any Salad:

Spanish white anchovies   3,  grilled chicken breast   5, 

pan roasted salmon   10

grilled Lucky Dog Ranch Beef burger patty   7, 

grilled turkey patty   7

grilled Lucky Dog Ranch Beef steak   8


Pan Roasted Salmon Salad

fennel & gold raisin relish, chopped romaine, radicchio,

gold balsamic vinaigrette   19.5


Grilled Lucky Dog Ranch Beef Steak Salad

baby romaine, avocado, feta, kalamata olives, pickled red onion,

sundried tomatoes, toasted chili vinaigrette   16.5


Burgers & Sandwiches

Served with choice of hand cut fries or Lucca house chop salad


Lucky Dog Ranch Beef Burger

½ lb patty, house pickles, tomato confit,

red onion, butter lettuce   11

add white cheddar 1.5, add Bacon  1.5


Turkey Burger

brie, rhubarb & dried cherry mostarda,

sage mayonnaise, red onion, arugula   13


Grilled Chicken Breast

white cheddar, smoked bacon, cabbage slaw, & pimentón mayonnaise on grilled pugliese   13


Lucky Dog Ranch Roast Beef Sandwich

fontina, grilled red onion, watercress & rosemary mayonnaise

on a toasted soft roll 15

Mother's Day 2016